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We weren't worried or anxious, but it was a serious discussion.The second part of the dream is very clear.I'm standing at the top of a moving escalator, with plenty of other people on it. I can see in front of me a white, brightly-lit area . there's a white wall/partition there, which is the boundary of the fifth dimension, andwhen you get to the top, you go round it and then have access to all other dimensions. I'm watching intently, poised to step off the escalator.But just in front of me are two dark boys, maybe 13 yearsold or so, who are pushing and fighting each other. (They have hideous faces, like cavemen in waking life, you'd cross the street to avoid them! I felt that they representedhuman or discarnate forces that have been blocking the mass asionscen). I had to get off, so I tried asking them to move, squeezingpast them, etc. They just got more aggressive. I tried shoving them out of the way; they shoved me back. It wasn't possible to get past them! I turned round for help if the others on the escalatorall pushed forward, then I knew that together we'd be able to knock these two degenerate people out of our way. But no one moved! I leaned back so that the others could see what the problem was, but they didn't seem to understand.The people on the escalator were in three kinds of groups, which was interesting.Those of us on the top few steps had on thick winter coats, and were clearly suffering a lot. The girl behind me had hereyes screwed up and a pained expression on her face, as if she was battling through a snowstorm; others were muttering or whimpering in pain, they looked weary beyond belief.The ones halfway up the escalator weren't watching the top -they were gazing over the sides with vacant smiles, as if they thought, So, here we are!', even though they hadn'tarrived yet. The ones further below them had their eyes down, watchingthe feet of the middle group .. as if they were playing follow-my-leader. Only one person was staring with concern at the fightblocking the top, and I knew that wasn't enough, we needed more aware people to act. By now I was feeling a bit desperate!Throughout all this, the escalator was somehow still moving it was just that we were stopped from actually stepping off.The next thing I know, I'm staring at something white. I focus, and see that I'm looking at a white wall, I am off the escalator, in the bright space! I sit up, then get up, a bit dazed. Other people around me are picking themselves up, too, and then heading off to wherever. I turn and see that the 2 dark teenagers have vanished; the escalator top is clear, and a stream of people are coming up it, looking bemused and wide-eyed as they step off.I say to the girl next to me, Wow, we made it? We did it! What happened?? In answer, she shows me, or I see, a flashback. There's the escalator, with our exit blocked, as before . then suddenly, in a split second, and with no warning at all, the speed of the escalator increases unbelievably. It was as if in one instant, it went from 1 mph to 200 mph. (I wish I could make a video of this!) It was such a sudden dramatic movement that I gasped.Those of us at the top of the escalator flew through the air as if catapulted, and I winced watching my body and others slam into the floor, walls, etc. Those coming up behind sort of fell in a pile, then clambered off and stood up. The people behind them were now arriving. (The escalator was now moving at a manageable speed a bit faster than before, but not 200 mph).The sudden unexpected force of its speeding-up, had taken the dark people by surprise; I sensed or knew that they'd been killed. This had achieved the objective, so now those at the top had been flung into the white area, then the rest, then it slowed down and the ones below them could now come up.Mm. 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